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Cucumber Plant

Increasing yields, improving quality


Natural environmental factors like soil conditions, rainfall and temperature all impact on a plant's growth and health, but every farmer knows that they are highly unpredictable.

Inspired by nature, scientists are slowly peeling back the mysteries surrounding plant physiology, allowing us to understand some of their complex behaviours. Through this discovery farmers may now achieve better crop results by tapping into nature's secrets.

Over the past forty years Kelpak's research team has successfully revealed some of these attributes, hidden deep within the cells of the giant Ecklonia maxima kelp species. When processed with our proprietary extraction method, this kelp releases delicate compounds that elicit a number of responses in crops that are beneficial to the farmer. The result is a powerful bioregulator that will positively influence cell and tissue development as well as the plant's own hormonal action.


Kelpak Bioregulator's plant growth enhancing properties have been scientifically proven to greatly effect crop productivity by promoting several, often related actions, like greater root mass and lateral root growth, shoot and bud development, seed and pollen germination, pollen tube growth, chlorophyll output and photosynthesis. These interactions at a cellular level lead to stronger, healthier plants, improved yields and ultimately a better return for the farmer. To ensure that Kelpak Bioregulator is available in your region please contact us.


  • Natural Hormone Production

    Scientific research (Wendy A. Stirk & Danuše Tarkowská & Veronika Turečová & Miroslav Strnad & J van Staden) indicates that Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Bioregulators, elicit natural processes in plants, resulting in numerous positive growth benefits for the plant. Natural active compounds identified in Kelpak include auxins, abscisic acid (ABA), brassinosteroids, cytokinins, gibberellins (GAs), polyamines and phlorotannins (Stirk et al., 2004, Papenfus et al., 2012, Stirk et al., 2014, Rengasamy et al., 2015). The combined effects of these compounds lead to a healthier and stronger plant, producing better yields.

  • Root Development

    Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Biostimulant, through its effective and safe extraction process, contains a significant level of auxins, phlorotannins, brassinosteroids as well as polyamines. All of these elements improve root initiation and development either as auxin synergists or in tandem with the auxins themselves.

  • Nutrient and Water Uptake

    Recent studies show that amongst other plant growth regulators (PGR’S), polyamines found in Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Biostimulant, together with high auxin levels, significantly increase root mass, thereby increasing the absorptive surface area, resulting in more efficient nutrient and water uptake.

  • Pollen Tube Developement

    Scientific experiments and field trials have recently revealed that the application of Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Biostimulant results in more pollen grains germinating within a shorter time frame. The consequence of this is that more of the ovules in one flower or in multiple flowers are fertilised, producing more fruit as well as larger fruit. A soup of gibberellic acids, auxins, cytokinins, brassinosteroids and polyamines are tapped into via Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Biostimulant’s unique extraction process, without destroying their delicate balance.

  • Fruit Set

    Not only does Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Biostimulant stimulate pollen growth which leads to improved fruit set, it also plays an important role in the reproduction of plants from the development of reproductive structures in flowers, seed filling (the accumulation of starch, lipids and proteins in seeds) and the subsequent germination of seeds, all stimulated by the presence of brassinosteroids.

  • Fruit and Berry Size

    Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Biostimulant promotes cell expansion and elongation having a direct effect on fruit sizing. By improving pollen growth and subsequent fertilisation, more seeds are formed in fruit. The seeds in fruit secrete compounds that in turn improve fruit and berry size.

  • Fruit Colour and Shelf-life

    Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Biostimulant enhances quality attributes of produce, including fruit firmness, sugar content, colour, and longer shelf life.

  • Resistance to Abiotic Stresses

    Scientific research shows that when plants experience stress, polyamine concentration dramatically increases, helping them to endure the threat. Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Biostimulant contains beneficial levels of brassinosteroids allowing the plants to better withstand drought, flooding, nutrient deficiency, frost as well as recovery from transplant shock.

    Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Biostimulant provides a healthy root system, stronger stems and foliar growth ensuring your plant will be more tolerant to abiotic stresses. Kelpak application directly after a crop has experienced stress such as drought, frost or flooding, also benefits the plant's recovery. After transplant and harvest crops can experience shock. Kelpak application before or after these events will significantly improve re-establishment and ensure healthy reserves during dormancy.

  • Prevents Leaf Burn

    While calcium application is important in apple production, it often results in leaf scorch, which will affect tree health and productivity. Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Biostimulant acts as a buffer when applied together with calcium sprays to reduce the risk of leaf burn.

  • Excellent Returns on Investment

    With its combination of natural plant growth regulators working in concert, Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Biostimulant is a natural yet effective tool for the farmer, scientifically proven to provide a notable return on investment when applied as recommended.