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kelpak on bananas

Benefits of Kelpak on Bananas

Kelpak trials on bananas in South Africa, South America and the Philippines show significant increases in bunch mass:

  • Increases root number and mass
  • Improves early growth and establishment
  • Increases trunk diameter
  • Increases fruit bunch mass
  • Increases crop cycles
  • Improves yields

Recommended application rates

Drench – New plantings : Use a 1-2 % Kelpak solution (100-200 ml per plant).

Soil drench : 4 L/ha: Drench bearing trees
14 days after nematicide applications.

Foliar spray : 2-4 L/ha: Apply first application at pre-flowering (5 to 6 months before harvest) in a total volume of 300 L/ha and repeat 3 times at monthly intervals.

A 3 L/ha foliar application provided a return of up to $4000/ha