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Crop information

Benefits of Kelpak on Fruit trees & Fruit set

Scientific trials with Kelpak on fruit crops around the globe show numerous benefits as well as the importance of applying boron together with Kelpak:

  • Improved fertilisation
  • Improved pollen germination
  • Improved pollen tube development
  • Improved fruit set
  • Improved fruit retention
  • Improved fruit size & colour
  • Better yield

Recommended application rates

Foliar application: Apply Kelpak from start of flowering to fruit set stage. Repeat once or twice at 10 to 12 day intervals.

Application rate: 3 L/ha (1:300 maximum dilution).
Boron may be applied with Kelpak sprays for optimum effect.

Caution: Do not apply boron where boron toxicity may occur.