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Benefits of Kelpak on Turf

Kelpak helps turfgrass to be more tolerent to water deficiency stress through a well developed root system, iproving uptake of available water and nutrients:

  • Kelpak is 100% natural
  • Promotes vigorous root growth
  • Improves general turf health
  • Improves disease resistance

Turf treatment

increase in root mass


Recommended application rates

New field: Apply 20 L 1:200 solution to 100 m2.

Turf maintenance: Apply 20 L 1:400 solution to 100 m2 at monthly intervals.

Sports fields and fairways: Spray 2 L/ha at the beginning of the growing season and repeat
14 days later. Repeat applications after heat of summer.

Turf farming: Soak stolons for 30 minutes in 1:200 solution before planting. Spray a 1:300 solution 1 month after emergence and repeat 14 days later.