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Crop information

Benefits of Kelpak on Citrus

Kelpak trials on citrus in California, South Africa and Japan show positive yield increases as well as other benefits:

  • Improves rooting of nursery trees
  • Stimulates root and shoot development
  • Better fruit set of bearing trees
  • Better fruit mass
  • Better yields
  • Improves the development of new roots in spring
  • Quicker recovery of trees after harvest

Recommended application rates

Established trees: 0.2% (200 ml /100 L water) foliar spray applied 3 times between white tip to full bloom. Optional 4th application at fruit set

Post harvest spray: 0.2% (200 ml /100 L water) with nitrogen application and repeated 14 days later for recovery of heavy fruit bearing

Tree establishment: Apply 1 L of a 1.0% Kelpak solution (1 L Kelpak in 100 L water) as a soil drench directly after plant or drench the nursery bag with the solution directly before plant-out

For better tree development apply foliar sprays of 200 ml Kelpak per 100 L water (0.2%)
with 3 to 4 week intervals during early growth