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A unique and natural extraction process


In order to preserve the sensitive components of the kelp, same day processing occurs. The seaweed is sorted, cut into manageable sizes and washed. The cleaned material is then inspected and progressively reduced. Due to the compressible nature of the Ecklonia particles, they can be subjected to extremely high pressures.

  • Kelpak cellburst
    No harmful chemicals, heat, freezing or dehydration are used


The Cellburst Process induces a degree of potential energy into each particle. When passed at high velocity through to a low pressure zone, it effects the instant release of this energy, where the resulting expansion exceeds the elastic limit of the cell wall of the kelp, causing it to rupture and release its valuable contents.This unique Kelpak process is known as Cold Cellular-Burst Technology, a proprietary method developed and refined over the last four decades.