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Crop information

Benefits of Kelpak on Cotton

Kelpak increases cotton's ability to explore a larger soil volume due to increased root density. This in turn allows the cotton, when at full boll load, to access more soil resources resulting in reduced boll shedding:

  • Improves rooting
  • Improves drought resistance
  • Better plant vigour
  • Improves flowering
  • More first position fruit
  • Increases total boll count
  • Increases yield

Recommended application rates

Planting 500 ml (1:200) Water injection at planting.

Foliar spray 2L/ha (1:300) Apply at 12 node stage. Spray at first flower visible on first fruiting branch (flower at candle).


Apply second spray 14 days later. Spray at approximately 15-16 nodes (flowers visible on the first 4-5 flowering branches).