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Benefits of Kelpak on Tomatoes

Field trials conducted in South Africa and Europe clearly show the many benefits of applying Kelpak Liquid Seaweed Extract to tomatoes, including:

  • Increases vigour of root and shoot growth
  • Improves resistance to nematode infestation
  • Increases fruit size and number, and total yield
  • Produces higher early harvest yields
  • Increases shelf life of fruit by up to 1 week

Recommended application rates

Dip the roots of seedlings (or seedling tray) in a 1% Kelpak solution before transplanting into the field or greenhouse.

Follow up with a 2 L/ha Kelpak foliar spray
14 days later and repeat the foliar spray once or twice at 14 day intervals.

Spray direct seeded crops at 3 to 4-leaf stage and repeat once or twice at 14 day intervals.

Alternatively to seedling dip at plant-out,
Kelpak may be applied at 7 L/ha as a pulse through drippers after transplanting.
Rinse lines after pulse.