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Crop information

Benefits of Kelpak on Cucurbits

Kelpak trials on cucurbits in California and South Africa show positive yield increases above control on butternut, cantaloupe, cucumber, pumpkin and watermelon:

  • Reduces transplant shock
  • Increases vigour of root and shoot growth
  • More and larger fruit per plant
  • Increases fruit sugar levels and shelf-life
  • Higher returns per hectare

Recommended application rates

Transplants: Dip the seedlings in seedling tray in 1% Kelpak or water trays directly before transplanting

Follow up with a 2 to 3 L/ha Kelpak foliar spray 14 days later and repeat the foliar spray
14–21 days later

Direct seeding: Apply Kelpak as a foliar spray at 2 to 3 L/ha at the 3 to 4-leaf stage and repeat the foliar application twice at 14 day intervals.

The use of a standard surfactant is recommended, while pH of spray solution should be below 7.