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03 NOV

Kelpak adds to its list of global certifications with the European Union's CE Mark.

For those who may not know, Kelpak is one of the earliest pioneers in seaweed biostimulants, with over 45 years of experience in sustainable agricultural solutions, in over 85 countries.

Utilising the proprietary Cellburst® Process to extract the maximum levels of compounds found in the Ecklonia maxima seaweed, Kelpak has has been globally recognised as a sustainable toolbox to biostimulate crops, achieve plant genetic potential and increase farmers profitability for over four decades.

The headwinds of climate change, stricter regulations and the global commodities instability, are threatening farmers’ business sustainability.

Under this scenario, The European Union has endorsed biostimulants as one of the solutions to overcome the above-mentioned challenges and enforced a new harmonised regulatory framework (FPR 2019/1009) to ensure safety & quality across all members states.

Receiving the CE Mark validates that Kelpak has been approved under the new EU Fertliser regulation and it serves to highlight a commitment to sustainable agricultural practices, affirming its claims and benefits, as well as its efficacy as a biostimulant to improve yield in all crop groups, that have been well proven through myriad scientific fields trials across multiple key crops globally.

Moreover, the CE Mark amplifies Kelpak’s global market presence, and as the brand continues to advance in research and development initiatives, attests to the ‘Kelpak Commitment’ to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, and to its position as a transformative force in the realm of plant biostimulants.

The attainment of the CE Mark by Kelpak represents not only a milestone but is also a testament to the brand's longstanding commitment to the growers’ needs through scientific innovation. “The Kelpak team is committed to providing farmers around the world with cost-effective returns through plant growth that is in harmony with nature.”