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10 July

Pollen tube growth explored

In recent years scientists have identified a new active biomolecule in Kelpak, namely the phlorotannin, Eckol. Phlorotannins contain properties that not only stimulate root growth and enhance overall seedling vigour, but surprisingly they also stimulate pollen grain germination and pollen tube growth. In order to determine more precisely the contributing active ingredients in Kelpak, a study was undertaken to investigate this phlorotannin further.

Pure Eckol was applied to viable tobacco pollen at a concentration of 1 x 10-8 M. This concentration of Eckol proved to be the most effective in stimulating pollen tube growth. Not surprisingly, the diluted Kelpak spray solution used in spraying crops, contains the same concentration of Eckol which is known to improve fruit set.

In comparison to the control and the pure Eckol application, Kelpak applied at a 0.6% dilution showed a significantly improved rate of pollen tube growth with healthier growing pollen tubes that are so essential for maximising fruit set. The difference in pollen tube lengths (measured in µm) are shown in the microscope slides and graph below.

These results are remarkable since they indicate the presence of other actives in Kelpak that are contributing to the positive effect of Kelpak on pollen tube growth.

Kelpak’s proprietary harvesting and extraction processes ensure that every last molecule of these potent phlorotannins are accessed to provide increased fruit set, improved plant health and ultimately higher yields for the farmer.

The benefits

Through four decades of scientific field and lab trials Kelpak has proven to be a highly effective tool benefitting growers in over seventy countries. The graph below shows a small sample of the significant increases that are achievable on fruit set and yield.

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