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10 June

Pollen tube growth explored

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In ongoing lab trials viable pollen grains are collected from recently opened flowers, treated on microscope slides and the germination and growth studied after a set period of time. With the addition of Kelpak to the growth medium, pollen tubes consistently show significantly more growth compared to the control.

Field trials on almonds, cherries, kiwi fruit and macadamia nuts, conducted in Australia, California, Chile, and South Africa, demonstrate improved fruit set and fruit retention at harvest, as well as a number of beneficial responses:

  • Improved rooting of nursery trees
  • Delayed blossom senescence during flowering
  • Increased pollen germination and pollen tube elongation
  • Better fruit set and retention
  • Increased weight and yields
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    Kelpak applicaton significantly improves pollen germination and development

The method

Studies are routinely conducted by introducing pollen grains into standardised liquid medium commonly used in scientific pollen growth studies. Using an in vitro system, pollen growth characteristics such as pollen germination and pollen tube elongation can be examined using a compound microscope.

The results on Kiwi Fruit



Kelpak applied at 1%:

Cherries kelpak
fruit and nut set

The results on Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia pollen control:

macadamia control

Macadamia pollen with Kelpak:

macadamia kelpak
macadamia information

The results on Bing Cherries

Bing cherry pollen control:

Cherries control

Bing cherry pollen with Kelpak:

Cherries kelpak

Kelpak on cherry pollen germination and pollen tube elongation:

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Statistical analysis is conducted using a one-way ANOVA. Means (± SE) significantly different from each other are indicated by different letters according to Duncan’s multiple range test P≤0.05 (n=6).

Kelpak on Cherry cv. ‘Bing’ yield when applied directly to the flowers :

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Various independent scientific trials have been conducted on cherries in several countries including Chile, California, France and South Africa, all indicating significant benefits including increased fruit-set and quality. Application directly to cherry flowers now shows the important benefits of applying Kelpak during the early growth stages of cherry development ensuring improved pollen germination and fruit-set and ultimately a better crop for the user.

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